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Me (Jenny, Mommy): In between working full-time at an office, as an administrative assistant/report editor, I try to be the best Mommy I can, while also trying to be a half-decent wife & friend to my husband. I am the hugger, holder & rocker, plus the planner & schedule keeper, despite being generally forgetful in all other things. I also do laundry, occasionally try to clean & maybe once per week, I find the time & energy (at the same time) to cook. My pre-mommy bookshelf of fantastic cookbooks is quite dusty. I spend way too much time staying up late & surfing the web. I like cheese, chocolate & wine, but I swear I only over-indulge in the cheese & chocolate. And I digress and ramble. Often. I apologize now.

Eric (Daddy & Husband Extraordinaire): Eric is an amazingly good, devoted Daddy & husband. He’s a much better house-cleaner than me, by far, and manages to keep the lawn mowed, the leaves raked, the occasional snow shoveled, dishes washed & periodic family meals made. He also spends too much time on the computer after our son’s bedtime. But I don’t blame him. I bet if you asked our son & he could answer, when it comes to playtime, Daddy’s a lot more fun than me.

Nathaniel (AKA Nat, because it’s easier to type): He is our mercurial & enigmatic little boy. He’s not a baby, but I still call him one on a way too regular basis. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS/Autism in March of 2012. Whether good or bad, Eric & I revolve our lives completely around him. I can’t believe I ever thought I was busy, stressed or tired before he was born – or that I knew what it meant to live not only day by day, but minute by minute. But when Nathaniel is happy, I am truly happy too.

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