This needs to get written down

We had such an awesome day today.

Saturdays usually suck big time around here – the lack of structure, the whole cabin fever of this long winter of miserable stuck-inside-together-until-one-of-us-is-totally-going-to-go-The-Shining-insane – it just gets ugly. Fast.

But these are highlights of our day, today – a Saturday – a RAINY Saturday:

1) We went to the movies for the first time today – but the theatre had technical issues, so it started over 30 minutes late. Nathaniel sat on my lap pretty calmly almost the whole time (though he got bored & antsy & we had to change seats at one point). AND, he asked to try popcorn. I didn’t care that it was over-priced – hello, NEW FOOD! He liked it too! Unfortunately, once the movie FINALLY started, there was a scene almost right away that was too intense & loud for him & we had to jet. (Theatre gave us a refund).

2) He asked to go to the potty at the movie theatre – but it was too scary in there, so he HELD IT until we got to the mall & to the first bathroom we could find there. (We’ve been working on potty training for like 2 years – he’s willing to do it at school, daycare & grandparents’ homes, for the most part – but has put up a much more stubborn wall when it comes to doing it with Mommy & Daddy.)

3) He walked almost the entire mall. He did ask to be carried from time to time, but wasn’t as whiny about it. Eric carried Nathaniel for brief periods, since he was being so good. AND, after we were at the mall for a good while & he’d consumed most of a soft pretzel, more than half a cup of frozen yogurt & some pink lemonade, he actually asked to go potty AGAIN and DID! (Even in the seriously gross food court bathroom).

4) Once we were home for a good while, he went potty AGAIN. AND, took a bath & got his hair washed with no fight! AND, when I mentioned that I was going to snack on some cheese (my biggest weakness next to chocolate – my fav reduced fat cheddar was on sale!), he wanted to try it! He ate 3 small pieces, no pressure from me at all! AND, he tried 2 new games on his iPad, both educational in nature & relatively boring (despite the rave reviews), but he did give them a good shot. AND, after saying that he wanted to watch something, but didn’t know what & we suggested Frozen (which we’ve had for over a week & he hasn’t wanted to try), he said okay! And he sat through the whole thing, despite not totally loving it! AND THEN, he went potty AGAIN!

So yeah, this day has got to get memorialized, because god knows how much tomorrow will suck – Sundays can be just as shitty as Saturdays, after all. I want to go back & read this & think, WEEKENDS DON’T HAVE TO SUCK! Hooray!

Now I’m going to eat some more of that cheese. Pissed I didn’t buy crackers though. You just can’t have it all.

At the movies(At the movies, chilling with Mommy, eating popcorn)

Check out my new plane, yo

(Mommy’s a sucker – bought me this plane for using the potty at the mall)



Yeah, so I suck at resolutions.

So I’m sick. Again. With a stupid, over-the-top sore throat from hell, endless post nasal drip & completely unreasonable fatigue. I’ve spent every evening for the past week on the couch, having done almost nothing constructive, and I’m probably taking a half day from work tomorrow, so I can spend more time laying about, doing nothing. I’d take the whole day, but I suddenly have a full plate of shit to do at the office. And I feel guilty for being such a whiner about this all because dude, it’s just a stupid cold. Why am I so tired with such a little blip of a thing? I should be out doing great things or something.

So while I’m feeling guilty for not getting anything done again and not exercising again, I thought I’d look back at my resolutions for the year & see how I’m doing. Well, I know I’m not doing well, but I was curious to see exactly HOW not-well I’m doing.

First resolution was (paraphrased): eat healthier throughout the day, more fruits & veggies & no binging on chips or cheese. Well…not a complete failure, but certainly pretty damn close to that.

Second (paraphrased): “I will cook more often.” HA! Yeah. But I’m going to the supermarket tomorrow to attempt to find stuff to cook for myself & Nathaniel because he suddenly wants me to make “dinner.” (Instead of him sitting on the couch, taking possibly a few bites out of a handful of his list of tolerable foods). He has also said he wants to eat “something different.” I don’t honestly have my hopes up too high on this though, as since saying so, he’s continued to turn down almost everything as usual, even those items not on his list of everyday foods.

Third (paraphrased): “I will organize the entire house.” We did organize a lot of the toys & Eric shredded some papers. I did my sock drawer awhile back too – which was totally awesome. Does that count?

Fourth (paraphrased): “I will buy a treadmill & cancel my memberships, use my stationary bike every other week (at least) and will do strength training at least every other week.” Well, I decided we don’t have the space or money for the treadmill. I have used my stationary bike at least that often. I have not done any strength training to speak of. I suck.

Fifth: “I will beat my race times from last year & I will cut my average speed to under 11-minutes per mile…To accomplish this, I will run at least 3x per week.” Well…I did beat my March 5K by a lot & my avg speed is definitely getting to about 11-minutes or under (not counting on hills). I have had some weeks where I’ve run once, some 3 or 4 times. But overall,  I definitely have not run as often as I’d like.

Sixth: “I will read more books.” Well, I’ve started 3 books. One, I decided I hated within the first chapter. Two, I’m still working on…very, very slowly, as my attention span for books has gone from endless to zilch.

Seventh:  “MAYBE, I’ll run a marathon this year.” Well, I haven’t done it YET, but I am registering for the Philadelphia Marathon this year – come hell or high water.

Okay. I’m tired now. Well, more tired. So I have no cool ending to this. Goodnight.