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New Year, New Blog (sort of, anyway)

I suck at resolutions, kind of like I suck at keeping up a blog. But I’m gonna give it another go. It’s a new year, I’m going to reopen this blog & maybe reinvent a bit.

Previously, my plan was to mostly write about my family & the ins & outs of living my life around the whims, moods, needs, wants & so forth of my son. I think started off trying to hard. I’m not that deep, when it all comes down. So why make this blog so deep, eh?

So, I’ll write about my son & family & will hopefully remember all the crazy, funny & complicated stuff that I really ought to write about, but I am not going to try to tie everything into a nice little bow, with themes & making some kind of point each time. (Considering that I often forget what point I’m trying to make, this is probably a good idea). I’m just going to write. And I’ll write about more than just my family life. I’ll write about MY life, perhaps about my running (or lack thereof), my obsessive love of chocolate & cheese, the amazing messy disaster that is my house, which I’ve vowed to figure out how to organize. Perhaps I’ll write a bit about social issues, you know, like how odd many people act in social situations like shopping at Target or the grocery store, or how many people seem to lose all their humanity once they’re behind the steering wheel of a moving vehicle. I mean, I could write about privilege, poverty, equal rights for various groups, how much I despise the cost/availability/confusing web of healthcare & shit, but I have a feeling I’d botch that up with emotion too much.

So here’s hoping I actually write more than every few months. For more than a few months. Hey, it could happen!

Wish me luck, k?





6 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog (sort of, anyway)

  1. Wishing you luck! Blog away! Who says it all needs to be deep? If you ever find out why people lose all humanity while sitting behind the steering wheel of a moving vehicle, please let me know 🙂

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