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Feeling adventurous

So Nat was feeling a little adventurous today, apparently.

Lately, he’s not been touching most of the stuff I put in his bag for lunch/snack at school. I’d kind of run out of feasible ideas, based on the time he has for eating, the limited foods that he accepts, his self-feeding skills (good with some things, not so much with others) & that there’s no microwave available. So I posted on a community FB page that I was looking for some new ideas – and was provided with some really helpful stuff. Therefore, last night, I went to the supermarket & bought a few new things to try. I’ve spent a small fortune over the past couple years with food experimentation on this kid.

The first food I tried for his lunch was a package of (relatively not horrible for you) PB sandwich crackers. He’d never had them before – but he likes some snacks that are like crackers & we go through PB like crazy, as he has it on bread or waffles daily (as do I). So this isn’t a huge stretch, but you never know what he will see as horrid. I put a note in for his teacher, to let her know that he’d never had these before, so she might have to show them to him & tell him about them – he probably wouldn’t ask for her to open them on his own. Surprise, surprise – he wanted them immediately & did eat some at school, as well as later at home.

After school, Daddy took Nat to our favorite playground. Playgrounds are iffy with Nat. If it’s crowded, chances are that he won’t want to do much of anything. If it’s empty, he’s much more active. Today, it was decently empty. He wanted to try the monkey bars & rings with no prompting. I used to take him to a toddler indoor gymnastics class – he never wanted to touch that kind of stuff back then – he got better with some of the apparatus there, but with a couple exceptions, he wasn’t having it.

Playground-edit(Future Olympic Gold Medalist on Rings)

About a week ago, I’d suggested French toast for breakfast out of desperation, because Nat was refusing all his usual breakfast foods. I’d made French toast plenty of times before, but it has been a good long while, so I was surprised when he wanted it when I offered it – and he’d asked for it a few times after. With the way he’s been eating lately, if he eats half a slice, I consider it a victory (and hey, more for me!). Tonight for dinner before I got home from work, Nat asked for – and ate – a whole slice of French toast that Eric made!

Then, while I was out of the room this evening, Nat saw a commercial for a toddler fruit puree squeeze pouch. We’ve seen that particular commercial about a billion times. Plus, I’ve offered him those things before & after having tried a teeny sip of a few, he lost interest. I buy them and, when he’s not looking, squeeze them into the rectangular puree containers that he accepts – mainly b/c some fruit blends no longer come in the (cheaper) rectangular ones (thank goodness for coupons).  Anyway, Nat saw that commercial again tonight & demanded one. Eric grabbed one out of the pantry – and to his surprise, Nat sucked down the entire thing, as if he does it on a regular basis.

Last bit of adventurousness that I just remembered. Last night, completely out of nowhere, Nat whimpered that he wanted an egg sandwich. He was pretty much whimpering, whining everything last night – I think the good ladies at his daycare were mistaken about how much he slept at naptime. Anyway. Out of the blue, he asked for an egg sandwich. This is odd because we don’t typically eat egg sandwiches at home – we did a lot before he was born, actually, but not since. And he was adamant. He didn’t want just eggs (which isn’t that odd lately for him to request, even if he often eats one or two bites & is “all done”) – he wanted an “egg sandwich.” So Eric made him one. When it was all ready, Nat demanded that syrup be put on it. Maple syrup. And he was on the verge of freakout when we resisted (thinking, this will not taste good). So, a little bit of syrup went on. He ate one bite, declared it yummy, ate another bite…and “ALL DONE!”. Hey, at least he tried something new, right? Why an egg sandwich with maple syrup, I may never know. Although, I polished off the rest & it wasn’t half bad.




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