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Looking on the bright side

This is going to be another long one. I think I have come to grips with the fact that I cannot post often, but I’ll make up for that in being way too wordy for the posts I do.

So today’s Mother’s Day. It’s only my 3rd Mother’s Day as a mom – I still sometimes forget that I get stuff on Mother’s Day.

Nathaniel made me some very neat crafts in daycare this past week that besides that they were cute ideas by the daycare, they showed how far Nat’s come in his own creative & drawing skills (no, he’s no prodigy, but he is drawing & decorating stuff with definite purpose). Yesterday, Eric cleaned the downstairs beautifully in preparation for his mom coming over for dinner, which he also cooked & cleaned up and I got to just relax all yesterday evening & some of the afternoon (some because I had my own cleaning to do as well). Eric cleans way more often than me & lately has been cooking more often as well, so I am not implying that I am usually slave to the grind of housework & cooking & I got a huge once a year break from it. I truly do appreciate it & wish I were a neater, more organized person, so it wasn’t so difficult for him to keep up with my mess. 🙂 Today, for actual Mother’s Day, my brother made a delicious brunch for his lovely wife, me & our amazing mom (and everyone else attached got to enjoy it too by default) and we spent a nice time together. And afterward while Nathaniel napped (following a tantrum beginning to spiral into meltdown because he did not want to nap or let go of me (Daddy is the nap guy, but not today, it would seem – I eventually gave in & hugged & rocked him on my lap until he was ready to let go)), I got a little gardening done.

This past Friday was also my 11th wedding anniversary, so I got additional spoilage by receiving gorgeous flowers at work from my lovely hubby and my parents gifted us with a bottle of delicious sparkling rose wine & all different kinds of cheese to sample, which we over-indulged on Friday night as our dinner while watching an old James Bond movie on TV with the sound turned down (because Nathaniel has supersonic hearing & would stir whenever we put the volume above level 2). Yeah, we’re fancy.

But the weekend was also a whine-a-thon by Nathaniel – a demanding, bossy, constant mind-changing, serious whine-a-thon weekend. He was wonderful when we were others this weekend, but man, there were some points that I came so, so close to literally banging my head into a table or wall. I can hear his whine of “no-oooo!” in my head still & he’s been in bed for 1.5 hours.

(His pronunciation is getting much better, but for some of these things, this is a translation):

An example from this morning: “Want pots & pans!” (play cookware) “Okay, but clean up your cars first.” (He had out about 25 Matchbox sized cars, which he had walked away from). “No-ooo! Want pots & pans!” “Clean up your cars first, then pots & pans” and repeat about 10 more times. And then as he reached where the cars were, he decided he wanted to continue playing with them & didn’t ask for the pots & pans again.

The rest of this weekend was also filled with the usual demands & refusals:

“Want fruit juice!” (PediaSure Clear Tropical) “Want Daddy Baba!” (milk in a large sippy cup) “Want paint!” (My reply to each being, “You have to eat breakfast first.”) “No breakfast!” “No eat!” “Nooo-oooo!” “Want FRUIT JUICE!” “WANT PAINT! PAI-AINT!” “Don’t wanna nap!” “No nap!” “Nooooo-oooooo!!!!!” “MOMMY!” “MAAAAA-MEEEEEE!” We also had our transition issues with things like: “Wanna go [some place] NOW!” but when it’s time to leave: “Don’t wanna go [same place]!” and us saying that it’s time for say, dinner (and therefore, time to stop what you’re doing right now): “NO DINNER! NO EAT!” after he had shown interest in having that same meal earlier.


But, back to the bright side of things:

Most everyone I know has probably already heard this story, but it still makes me smile.

Last year, Nathaniel had a speech therapist whose therapy room had a bronze sculpture of a hand making the ASL sign for “I love you.” Nathaniel was often looking at it & wanting it to be brought down so he could see it. He also tried to make his hand make the sign, but couldn’t quite coordinate it. He also could not speak nearly as much back then & would sometimes have a difficult time even making us understand that he wanted the sculpture down from the shelf to look at.

This past Wednesday, Nathaniel’s part-time daycare had the kids make a craft that was a paper hand cut into that ASL sign, painted & put in a little flowerpot, so that the hand looks like a flower, as well as the sign for “I love you.” It’s adorable. Apparently, they also taught the kids how to do that sign that day. I had only seen the pot & that was all I knew of the project. As I was carrying him up to bed that night, he was being quite cute, (as he often is right before bed after having probably been quite ornery earlier), so I kissed him & said, “I love my Nathaniel.” And Eric said, “Do you love your Mommy? Can you say, ‘I love you, Mommy?'” And Nathaniel smiled, mumbled “I love you” and signed it as well – the first time I’d ever seen him be able to sign it – and he did it perfectly in context & was clearly proud of himself for being able to do it. I kissed & hugged & congratulated him a bunch of times & he continued to sign it repeatedly during bedtime stories.

Now as if that isn’t sweet enough, I emailed his daycare to tell them about it & how much it meant to me & the story behind his prior fascination with the sign & attempts to be able to make it. They emailed me back with this (I made a few slight changes, in order to subtract the name of the daycare):

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It truly touched our hearts! 

You have a beautiful boy in Nathaniel and thank you for sharing him with us! Right before we read your email, we were doing cards for Mother’s Day and Nathaniel was the only one to pick all red hearts for you.  He was smiling the whole time he was working on it.

Your story is exactly why we love our job and enjoy teaching each and everyone of our guys and gals.”



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